It’s an unfortunate truth that we live in a society where the characteristics of an individual don’t carry them far in life, rather numbers on a piece of paper and “accomplishments” attempt to envelop one’s whole being.
Going to university has taught me that I’m not superior or lowly, but average. I’ve come to accept this fact, but loathe that my character cannot be taken into consideration when I attempt to show myself to the world. People don’t care if I’m nice, if I work well with others, or if I’m selfless, rather they would want to see someone who has passed exams with flying colors and can present high numbers on their transcript. I’ve often flirted with the idea of presenting myself as something greater than numbers, but to no avail. There seemingly is no way to avoid this stigma of bad marks. And in the end those people who could’ve been perfect for a job or position are lost in the pile of rejects, tossed aside because they couldn’t perform “adequately”. I aspire to change the world in momentous ways that reverberate throughout the years. This is not brought out through performance on exams or an essay on an application. I believe this is only achieved through the nurturing of imagination and letting it flourish and blossom into a grand spectacle. Yet the world continues to restrict creativity and demands that education can only exist when those learning conform to the ideas that are already known.

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The beginning is iffy… But how did I not find this sooner. eheheh.

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I ┬áreally don’t want our seniors to leave..

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I’m not creative, but I’m logical, honest, and thoughtful
I’m not funny, but I’m trustworthy, caring, and loyal
I’m not good looking, but I’m loving, selfless, and devoted
I’m not smart, but I’m diligent, eager, and conscientious
I’m not popular, but I’m faithful, uncompromising, and genuine
I’m not perfect, but I’m loved by the One above all

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It’s interesting how easily one can turn a blind eye to a substantial, potentially groundbreaking situation. It’s almost as if there’s not a reason to notice, rather, neglect is the answer of the circumstances. It irks me when you have initially formed a positive opinion on a certain subject, but because of that fabricated impression, if one happens to learn something rather unfortunate about said subject, the shock and disappointment is even harsher. I suppose the world isn’t as simple as I wish it to be, but it still doesn’t excuse the fact that there are people who you thought would never act a certain way, yet somehow manage to shatter all preconceived notions. I always believed the world was inherently good, yet time and time again, people show me that it just isn’t true. It’s as if people thrive off maladies of the soul and are content with the death of their inherent integrity… Or perhaps the integrity had never even existed. Is a moral conscience something that must be obtained? It could quite possibly be one’s selfish ego that ultimately nullifies that morality. Perchance the compromise of one’s principles are due to unaware, but I don’t believe something so grave would occur unbeknownst to any of those affected. But then again, i believe this is just a time when one should be shown a little bit of grace and that I should try to understand the situation. But I guess it still doesn’t change the fact that what happened is an appalling plight.

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As long as she’s happy

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Love. What a silly, but cunning concept that will always remain a mystery to me.

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